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Important Information, lists, other camp housekeeping things:

The last day to register for camp is June 7. This date is set for permitting purposes. Please get your RSVP in before that date!

(For reservation changes e-mail:

If you are looking for a camper trailer to rent, Jackson Hole Travel Trailer Rentals would be the closest outlet. 1.307.733.5678

-This year we plan to have an adult counselor in all youth teepees. (If you would like to volunteer for this service during your stay at camp, please contact us on the contact page to let us know! Thank you!)

-If your child is attending camp without you, they will need a medical release form signed by their parents to give to Camp Authorities upon their arrival. 

-If you want to fish during your stay at Morning Star Camp, you MUST have a fishing license! These are easy to get and there is NO excuse to not have one. They can be obtained at any Maverik Gas Station, or at any of the Forest Service Information offices. Camp Attendees who do not get fishing licenses can put the future of Morning Star Camp in jeopardy. 


-If you request accommodations provided by Morning Star Camp, those accommodations are likely to be a teepee or a tent. If you'd prefer an RV or camping vehicle of some kind, we suggest making reservations through Cruise America, or a similar company. These companies serve on a "first come-first serve" basis, and can fill up quickly in the summer time, so we suggest making your reservations as soon as possible. 


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